Renewal plans

Kamp Amersfoort has renewal plans!

With an eye to the future and the increasing number of visitors, including many schools, expansion with room for exhibitions, education and an improved view of the original prison camp is desired and necessary.

After the renovation the visitor will experience more of the feeling of being trapped, which was a part of the atmosphere in the camp. The exhibition will confront the visitor with the victims, the bystanders and certainly with the perpetrators of the time. What moved them, why were they allowed to carry on and what happens to people who can commit crimes with impunity.

Through perception, being presented with dilemmas, and watching films one experiences what happens during times of war and extensive restriction of liberty. From this, the link is clearly laid between what is now happening in the world. Far away and close by.

Kamp Amersfoort wants to start the renovation in 2016 and is busy generating funds – including through crowd funding! Keep an eye on this website.

In February 2016 we will start with the sale of shares in the development of Kamp Amersfoort. For this purpose, Armando has made unique bronze statues of tree leaves. There are 6 different shapes and colors, with a limit of 100 statues per shape. Each statue is hand painted, making it unique. For a € 250 share you receive a statue!

Signing up in advance is possible through

The new underground exhibition area will be an informative place. It will deepen, almost literally, the experience of the location. There will be presentations of biographies of people who were part of the camp: victims, perpetrators and bystanders. Through (moving) images, computers, text and objects the stories will be presented in a sparse and concentrated manner.

The education space will have its own place in this underground section.

The grounds with the shooting range across from the visitor center will have its original line of sight. In those days the occupiers wanted to have a clear view of this area to be able to identify escaped prisoners quickly. These grounds belonged to the camp and after the war executed prisoners were unearthed. The places were this happened are specifically marked more clearly. In addition, these grounds will be visually better connected to the visitor center with several adaptations. The parking lot is currently situated beyond the visitor center. It will be relocated to a spot in front of the visitor center, across the street between the trees.

The space behind the visitor center, called the roll call ground, is fenced in by Corten steel plates which hide the buildings behind from view and create a feeling of being trapped. In the ground, the contours of the barracks that stood there with the bunker cells will be marked. Even the Rose Garden will have a place here once again. In the plans, the entrance to Kamp Amersfoort runs through the original gate of Kamp Amersfoort, which currently gives access to De Boskamp. The tower depicted will replace or incorporate the current building (retaining the original frescos which are there), through which, at the top, there is a complete view of the original camp. By use of Layer, the visitor can see the original camp with barracks projected onto the former site.

The design for the new building in Kamp Amersfoort has recently been presented to the interested parties and the financial feasibility is currently being investigated. A renovation such as this is extensive and costly. A phased implementation speaks for itself. To achieve this, Kamp Amersfoort is dependent upon external financing (grants and funds). However, this will not be enough. Kamp Amersfoort will also use crowd funding and in this way will immediately inform the general public in the local area of its plans. Anyone wishing to make a contribution for this purpose can do so by donating to the Circle of Guardians (Kring van Beschermers) or contacting the director of Kamp Amersfoort.


Photographs and design: Inbo Architects, Juurlink en Geluk, Amsterdam Opera.


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