Temporary closing

When camp Vught (near Bois – le – Duc) was opened, the PDA was temporaryly closed. In summer of 1942 the building of a model camp in Vught was started. Despite some delay the camp was ready in the second half of January 1943. At the turn of the year 1942 – 1943 the PDA was vacated. The remaining prisoners, about six hundred of them, were sent to Germany, the rest was taken to the new camp Vught. They expected to have a better time in Vught than in Amersfoort. Upon their arrival they found nothing; no food, no blankets, no water. In 1943 more prisoners were transported to Vught. In the first three months of 1943 2,850 prisoners were sent to Vught in several batches. The conditions for life in Vught were appalling. Within several months after their deportation to Vught 201 prisoners had died. Only eight prisoners remained in the PDA. They were imprisoned in the bunker.

Despite the fact that in fall of 1942 the expansion of the PDA had started, it was unsure if the PDA would remain in existence after the last batch of prisoners were sent to Vught. Many prisoners could now be sent to Vught directly. Still, after a couple of weeks of being vacated in the second quarter of 1943, the PDA was again in use, now as Erweitertes Polizeigefängnis Amersfoort. However, the name PDA remained in use.


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