Periode 1941-1943

Before the PDA was in use the occupier was busily calling Auslanddeutschen (German citizens not living in Germany) for military service, for instance with the Waffen – SS. Among then were men that lived in The Netherlands for dozens of years but still retained their German citizenship. They were sent to Amersfoort where they were given a short but thorough schooling of six weeks. The instructors were Polizisten of the regular police or of a SS – Polizei Division. The daily program consisted of  schooling in the use of weapons, drills, shooting practise and inspections. They were also put to use for building a fence of barbed wire around the huts, and to erect several guard towers. After six weeks the men, about 120 in all, were sworn in and were officially part of the German Waffen – SS and formed the Wachkommando. (Guard command.)


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