A visit to Kamp Amersfoort is easily combined with a visit to other (military) (memorial) centers and monuments in the area.  Outside of the related sites there is a lot to see and do on the cultural side in and around Amersfoort and Leusden.

In order to offer our visitors as wide a choice as possible we work closely with various Amersfoort organizations as well as the local tourist information office (VVV). Below are a number of links to the relevant pages.

Tourist Information Amersfoort http://www.vvvamersfoort.nl

Grebbe line http://www.grebbelinie.nl

National Military Museum https://www.nmm.nl

Cavalry Museum http://www.cavaleriemuseum.nl

Things to do in Amersfoort http://www.tijdvooramersfoort.nl

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