The Red Cross

From the middle of 1943 on the Red Cross, specially embodied by Loes van Overeem, was able to get a foothold in the camp. Now food was distributed by the Red Cross. The Jewish prisoners exepted, every prisoner was in principle entitled to a food packet. From October 1943 these packets were distributed on a weekly base and starting spring 1944, every fortnight three packets were distributed. The Red Cross also took care of medication and instruments for the infirmary and the supply of sandwiches for the prisoners. This was done at ‘smeerstations’ (places were the sandwiches were prepared). Some of these were outside Amersfoort. When food supplies came from afar camp commander Berg had no objections as long as Loes van Overeem took them to the camp. Any involvement of the population of Amersfoort was forbidden by him.


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