Camp grounds

After the war people wanted to forget the horrors of the camp as quickly as possible and the camp was completely dismantled. Despite the fact that everything was torn down to the foundations the anguish remained tangible.

Until the 1990s the destruction of anything to do with the camp was methodically carried out; until a group of former prisoners and interested parties decided that the camp must remain intact.

On and around the grounds of Kamp Amersfoort you will find various reminders of the camp. These items of interest refer to the camp’s history and tell the story of what happened here.

Some of these items of interest are always accessible. The visitor center and the grounds behind it are only accessible during opening hours.

Before you visit Kamp Amersfoort we ask that you read through the Kamp Amersfoort House Rules of Conduct.


Places to visit in the surrounding area

In the immediate vicinity of the Kamp Amersfoort grounds various reminders of the camp are to be found. Many of these reminders or memorials are classified as monuments and can be found in the vicinity of the present commemorative site.

The memorials of the Rusthof Cemetery (Begraafplats Rusthof) and the Russian Field of Honor (Russisch Ereveld) are a 10-minute walk from the present commemorative site. The memorials at

Bergzicht, Jannetjesdal, Appelweg, BW-Laan, Spechtstraat and the Jewish cemetery, are located further away from the commemorative site.


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