The Second World War

The outbreak of the Second World War as a result of the German attack on Poland lead to the total mobilsation of The Netherlands. Because of this mobilisation measurements had to be made in great haste to house several hunderd thousands of military men and other personnel. To make this possible a number of hutment camps were hurridly built in The Netherlands. Despite the large number of barracks in Amersfoort like the  Willem III kazerne, the Prins Bernhardkazerne and the site of the complex with the Willem-, Lodewijk-, Adolf- en Hendrikkazerne, it was not possible to house all the soldiers in Amersfoort. Next to Barakkenkamp Appelweg and  Barakkenkamp Amsvorde on Laan 1914 also hutments were built in Bokkeduinen, in Kamp Waterloo and on the Zonnebloemstraat in Amersfoort.

May 1940

In May 1940 the Germans attacked. The war lasted just five days. The bombardment on Rotterdam and the threat to bomb other large cities led tot he surrender of The Netherlands. Despite the efforts of the Germans to gain the confidence of the Dutch population it was soon clear that not every Dutchman was willing to accept the occupation. Spread all over the counry the resistance started in various ways. This led to the capture of many Dutchmen. Mid December 1940 over six hundred persons were taken prisoner, at the end of 1941 over three thousand persons were in jail.


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