The first prisoners

On August 18th 1941 the first 195 prisoners arrived at Kamp Amersfoort. These were communists from Kamp Schoorl that were kept under remand. They were used as examples for the schooling of the camp – SS men. They were also used to fill in so called prominent (outstanding) positions. The arrival of the first prisoners led to the beginning of the first period of the PDA that lasted until the temporary closure on March 8th 1943. According to the German administration 8522 prisoners were kept in the PDA during the first period.

By train

Most prisoners were brought to Amersfoort by train. They arrived in cattle wagons and had to walk from the station to the camp so when they arrived they were not in good shape. The walking route was via the Bergkwartier (hilly part of Amersfoort), the Leusderkwartier and via the Kapelweg straight into Kamp Amersfoort. The motorway next to Laan 1914 did not exist at that time. The SS accompanied the transports, but Dutch policemen also performed this task from time to time.


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