The visitor center is meant to be a center in which generations can come together. War victims, their children, grandchildren, interested parties and many others can meet each other here, so that the history of this place is passed on. The building was officially taken into use on 19 April 2004.


The beginning

As soon as it was clear that a visitor center was to be established for the Kamp Amersfoort memorial, the choice of location was a primary point. From the beginning it was definite that the building had to be at the location of the former camp.

With this starting point in mind a first orientation took place. The view was that a “concrete” – in appearance – building would not be in keeping with the locale. Various options were brought into focus while searching for a solution. Every proposed model had advantages and disadvantages. Finally the strong points of four different suggestions were combined; a new design was developed on the basis of this combination.

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On 11 June 2003, the decision was handed down by the State Secretary for Health, Welfare and Sport, Mrs. C. Ross-Van Dorp, to allocate funds to commence building the visitor center as soon as possible.

In June 2003 the State Secretary of HWS awarded the requested grant; in July INBO Architects of Woudenberg and the Van Hoogevest O & R construction company of Amersfoort could begin the build.

At the beginning of April 2004 work on the building was completed. On 19 April 2004 the visitor center was officially opened by the State Secretary for Health, Welfare and Sport, Mrs. C. Ross-Van Dorp.


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